The right approach to logistics

Our company professionally provides services for the transportation of combined and conventional cargo between CIS and other countries.


At the moment, we have a well-thought-out logistics system, as well as a large base of customers who have already applied to our company. Every day, several trucks drive to different destinations to ensure that your cargo or parcel is delivered on time.


We are aware that any cargo transportation involves certain risks, but our company tries to minimize them.

Unicargo logistics offers an individual approach to each client, which allows you to meet even the most specific customer requests.


 There are a large number of organizations that are engaged in cargo transportation on the market, but our company offers special conditions for each client and guarantees that the object will reach the addressee exactly on time without damage.

The advantages of our company include:

  • Flexible pricing policy


  • Additional informing the client about the arrival of the cargo


  • Individual approach for solving problems of different levels


  • The cost of transportation is calculated before the service is rendered, so customers always receive information on the price in a timely manner.


Our services

EU - CIS cargo transportation

Container transportation

Transportation of modular cargoes

Transport of dangerous (ADR) goods

Cargo transportation across the CIS

Cargo transportation by sea transport

EU - CIS cargo transportation

Cargo transportation across the CIS

Cargo transportation by sea transport

Transport of dangerous(ADR) goods

Container transportation

Transportation of modular cargoes

Our company offers legal entities services for export and import of goods between the CIS and the European Union.



Transportation is carried out by cargo transport that has all the permits for international transportation (including combined shipments, which allows you to save on the logistics chain).



Export and import between the CIS and EC countries is the main activity of Unicargo logistics. That is why our specialists speak foreign languages, which greatly facilitates the communication process during cargo transportation.

Most manufacturers and distributors need to transport cargo within the territories of the CIS countries.



However, here there is another difficulty-registration of the necessary package of documents and invoices. Here, each country has its own characteristics. Our company helps to resolve these problems-specialists advise and help in the preparation of documentation for cargo transportation.



We deliver cargo between Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Another popular type of transportation at the moment is the delivery of large cargo by sea.



Sea transport is often used. At the moment, the service is considered one of the most efficient and optimal in terms of time in comparison with transportation by road and air.



We offer our clients to take advantage of the opportunity to order the delivery of cargo by water transport, which will reduce the time of the parcel in transit and transportation costs.

The company also offers services for the transportation of ADR goods in accordance with the most stringent standards and requirements.



Since this type of cargo has specific characteristics, this order can be processed for a longer time. For more detailed terms and conditions, please contact our specialists.



Unicardo logistics provides a full range of services for the transportation of ADR goods of any class. All drivers have received appropriate training and permits to transport ADR goods

You can also use our service for cargo transportation using containers.

They are often used in multi-modal transport, when several types of vehicles are used in the process.


Containers are large in size, so you can use them to move even the largest objects and loads.



The most common 20-and 40-foot containers for transporting medium and large cargo. Possibility of delivery to any point of the world.

Unicargo logistics is ready to offer you high-quality transportation of Partial cargo. This is the most economical and optimal type of service that allows you to move goods over long distances, while combining them with others.



This method of transportation also helps to speed up the delivery process, which is beneficial for both the client and the company itself.



This is especially true for the transport of small goods, when it is not rational to send the goods separately. The sorting process itself is well developed – it is carried out in special warehouses of the company.

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